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Hi my name is Helen and my blog is literal garbage.

None of these photos are mine unless stated otherwise and I will gladly remove photos requested by the owner.

If you'd like, help me build a new PC.


a gentleman swung by today.i started this body suits over 10years ago and finished 6-7years ago.all by hand outlines of sleeves and back piece are not by me tho.i just painted everything to finish them up.always great seeing old customers thank you so much!! by horimomo http://instagram.com/p/tPS9BBKi77/

do you think this is a game


眩惑の水面 三浦あずさ
The Water’s Dazzling Surface - Miura Azusa
Anonymous inquires :Explain fellatio ahegao pl0x

think about trying to eat a sloppy popsicle but you lost all of your teeth and if you spill any of the popsicle onto the floor youll lose money

Anonymous inquires :This death grip shit is killin me haha I didn't know there was that much to it Anyway just for the fck of it I'll talk the session I just had because apparently it's cool just thought about a girl I really like while I masturbated and I came soooo much. I mean I usually have to watch a video because I really get off on sounds, but I was just laying there thinking about her. I haven't touched myself in weeks. Hope shit is going great with your bf btw, I know how that distance can get sometimes.

yeah I think its funny~ sound and stuff is super simulating but porn can honestly just ruin a lot of it because it’s just giant acting

and thank you~ we’re wonderful and we do our best to find time to see one another ^^